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8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi! My name is Hamza BENOUFIR.I’m from Morocco.I’m fifteen years old.I live in Berrechid,it’s a nice city but very small.My school name’s “Imam Malik Junior school”.

  2. Hello .I am Sara .I am fourteen years old.I am from Berrechid Morocco. My school ‘s name is Imam Malik Junior school. I am in class nine. My EFL teacher name’s Laila Taik.
    Welcom to our blogs and please write.

  3. hi my name is sara .m family name is hirchy .im foueteen yer old .i’m from morocoo .the name of my school is imam malik school may favourite subject is frenchand my favourite sport is football.i love very much moroccan and my teacher goodbye

  4. hi im JIHANE BOUHADI.Im 15 years old.I study at IMAM MALIK junior school.my favourites subjects are MATH ,ENGLISH and ART.
    We made This blog to post all the activities that we do in our school so you are welcome to share with us your postings.Please have fun!!!!!!!

  5. Hello,my name is khadija I study at IMAM MALIK school,Ilive in a small town called Berrechid Iam at the ninght grade my english teacher is called Laila Taik my hobbies are swimming,making naew friendships from all around the world!
    Welcome dear friends and students to our school blog were we can share ideas about classes and school.
    Your friend Khadija

  6. hi every body am Hasna El Yousfi am 15year old and i’m a student in Imam Malik School Junior i have two english teacher’s mm Taik and mm Asmae i’m welcome in you in our blog in any time to shair our ideasabout any thing . . .

  7. Hi Hamza,
    I’m Mariam El Kassmi ,student at IMAM MALIK junior school.My favourite school subject is math, and my favourite sport is basquetball.
    Thank you for your welcoming.

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